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Follow my contemporary novellas inspired by the international cities I’ve been living in these past few years.

If ever there was the perfect urban backdrop for romance, it is surely New York City, and my latest romance, Love After All (May, 2016), is the story of two 50-something Manhattanites, Laurel Jennings and Gino Milano, who get their second chance at love. I up the romance ante by sending them on a reunion weekend to Duke University, making this story my love letter to the increasingly international city of Durham, North Carolina.

DeMarco's CafeIf you want the nitty-gritty of the city, DeMarco’s Café is my wish-you-were-here postcard from The Big Apple. Enjoy a bite out of it by following Dayna DeMarco and Bo Grisham as they figure out what to do upon discovering that they have fallen in love with one another.





Forest Breeze TrilogyMy Forest Breeze trilogy is set in Vietnam, with a good deal of the action centering in Saigon. It’s a city of motor scooter traffic jams, women carrying baskets hanging from poles balanced across their shoulders, delicious street side eateries, noodle shops, gorgeous women in their traditional tunics and pants, and vendors with their push carts slung with coconuts and bristling with bunches of balloons. It all comes together to make street life a study in controlled chaos. And that’s exactly how the three romances unfold in Tied Up, Captured and Knocked Out.

My work-in-progress is a shapeshifter trilogy. To kick off the series, I wrote The Alpha’s Edge, a short story whose setting is another glorious city, namely London. My favorite neighborhood is Bloomsbury, so naturally Egon Hanover, Alpha of the powerful Hanover pack, has his headquarters on ritzy Montague Street, right behind the British Museum.

You can currently get The Alpha’s Edge as a free download if you sign up for my blog.

LOVE-AFTER-ALLLove blossoms for two New Yorkers at a class reunion.

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“I was looking for a romance about people who aren’t in their 20s, and I am so glad I found LOVE AFTER ALL.”

~ Reader comment

On the eve of college reunion season, NYU professor Laurel Jennings crosses paths with passionate widower Gino Milano, one of the city’s most successful restaurateurs. Faced with the prospect of being the only one of her friends to attend their thirty-fifth college reunion alone, she impulsively asks him to join her. Initial doubts give way to playful moments and personal revelations as matters come to a head on a beautiful April weekend at Duke University. Can both of them find love after all they have been through?