The Alpha’s Edge

Egon Hanover is the Alpha of his pack and the head of an elite global security firm, headquartered in London under the guise of a luxury hotel. Much to his surprise, it’s love at first sniff when Egon detects the presence of Misti Shaw, a new bartender at his hotel. At first glance, Misti hardly fits the description of an Alpha’s mate: headstrong, reserved, and – most of all – human. However, soon his inner wolf takes over and he loses control of his desire for her.

When her elusive employer appears, showing signs of a decidedly unprofessional interest, Misti can’t help but feel flattered. Despite sharing a sudden intense attraction that shocks her, she stays guarded out of concern for her younger brother Ian, who hardly speaks but has an unusually close connection to dogs.

When a murdered woman is found in a nearby park with signs of wolf attacks, Egon’s pack grows concerned. The murder threatens the secrecy of their pack and werewolves everywhere. With Ian’s odd idiocrasies, Egon wonders if Misti’s strange brother is playing a part in trying to frame his pack for murder.

Egon must bond with Ian to win Misti’s heart, but if Ian is responsible for the murder that threatens to reveal Egon’s pack and unleash fear on the citizens of London, he might have to make the hard decision to give up his mate forever in order to protect his pack. Can he find the right answers in time?

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