Captured (Forest Breeze #2)

Eagle, VP of Rolling Thunder MC, had the business smarts to buy the Forest Breeze BDSM club in Saigon, and now his club is enjoying a prosperity Eagle intends to increase as his club takes over more and more territory in the Mekong Delta. Fate throws him a curve when a young American woman is mistakenly kidnapped and bought to the Rolling Thunder compound. Not only does she become his unwelcome responsibility, he also has reason to think she is a danger to his club.

Rachel has just finished law school in the States and is visiting her mother and stepfather who live part-time in the Mekong. While minding her own business in town, she is abducted and suddenly finds herself in an MC compound and taken under the care of Eagle. First she has to figure out who these rough people are what this club does, then she has to figure out how to resist the appeal of its very compelling VP.

This fast-paced story features snappy dialogue, a strong plot, and a surprising chemistry between the MC officer Eagle and the civilian Rachel.

Note: Eagle is Australian, and his POV uses Australian spellings. Rachel is American, and her POV uses American spelling.