The Emerald Hour (Time Slip #3)

Londoner Theodor West can’t quite believe how, much less explain why, the beautiful and free-spirited American botanist Jordan Charles is bedeviling him and his high-tech career. But one thing is clear: if he wants his career back and if she wants to avert the destruction of the world’s rubber forests, they must repair what happened the last time they were together – one hundred years ago.

Explore London and Rio de Janeiro of the past and present with a stop in Wilmington, North Carolina.

“A truly impressive series. All Reincarnation stories have two (or more) time periods, of course, but most don’t actually have the karmic consequences of the past operating in the present. I loved the way the characters had to confront their past-life mistakes. Karma’s a bitch! It was also great fun to see how characters morphed from one time period to the next — how in The Blue Hour, for instance, Alexandra’s cancan dancing partners in late 19th-century Paris become French Lit PhD grad students in the present. Not to mention that each story takes the reader on a great globetrot! The series is so rich, I’ve started to reread it and am enjoying it even more the second time around.” Evelyn N.

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