How to Download Julie’s E-Books

What is this special?

First, I made it up.

Second, it refers to Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron of 1353.

Third, the Special means that I am offering all my books for free on all platforms. For how long? I can’t say. For at least as long as we are all self-isolating.


Just like the coronavirus, the bubonic plague cared nothing for social class. However, the rich were more easily able to leave urban centers and go into seclusion. This is the case for the characters in The Decameron. Seven young women and three young men leave plague-ridden Florence and find shelter in a deserted villa outside of town.

So, now what are they supposed to do with their time? Tell one another stories! Which got me thinking, I have an abundance of stories that I can share during this time of isolation. 


  1. Browse books here.
  2. Choose which books you would like to read and add them to your cart. 
  3. Click on the view cart button at the top of the page
  4. Proceed with checkout

Yes, my novels are really free. 

No, there is no limit to how many novels you can download.

No, there is absolutely no payment required to finish any of the novels you download.

On the website, once you press submit order, you will be brought to an order received page. On that page, there are yellow buttons to start the download for your e-books.

checkout page website

Check your email for a confirmation of your order. In that email, there are links to start downloading your free e-books.

If the book/s you downloaded won't open, you may not have the right app to open it. If you downloaded epub files, here are a list of apps that you can download to read the files. 

If you downloaded mobi files, but can't open them, you may not have the right app. Here are a list of apps that can read your mobi files.