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The lovely Anne Chisholm is tricked into a handfast – the Scottish custom of marriage for a year and a day – with Alexander Sutherland, only to discover that her new husband is wanted for treason by the English authorities, in particular, by her father.


Suddenly she was whirled about as her captor turned, and she felt her body graze the doorjamb as she was shouldered out of the bedroom. She guessed that she must be in the hallway, but when she lifted her head to get her bearings, she could see nothing of her upside-down world beyond the black of night. At her minimal movement, and before she could cry out for help, her head was pushed down and her face was flattened against her captor’s back.

Because she was muffled in a blanket, her arms were nearly useless, so she began to thrash in earnest with her legs. Although those movements brought her the indignity of her captor’s hands on her ankles and thighs and backside, her head was momentarily released, and she lifted it again to cry out. No sound left her panic – stricken throat. She tried again, only to have her captor push her head down again against his back, stifling her.

“Dugald!” her captor whispered to a man ahead of him in the hallway. “She’s awake!”

What People Are Saying About The Handfast

"The Handfast is fun and full of adventure. The love scenes are warm, sensual and written well. A fun read leaves you feeling good!"

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About Julie Tetel Andresen

Julie Tetel Andresen

Julie Tetel Andresen has been writing romance stories for over 25 years. She started her career as an author with major publishers like Harlequin Books in the 1980s, writing historical romance tiles like My Lord Roland and Simon’s Lady.

With the rise of self-publishing, Julie found more creative freedom in publishing her books independently. Julie is a “romance generalist” who loves all romance subgenres and has written books in many of them, from contemporary romance to paranormal romance to BDSM and MMA romance novels with seedy undergrounds and a hard edge.

Julie loves to write and talk about being a romance author and has been featured in articles at Huffington Post, Quartz, and Salon.

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