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Explore the emotional pitfalls and physical pleasures when respectable women find themselves in the role of a naked Venus.

John Carter’s Conundrum

John Carter is a Bow Street runner (detective) in…

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Win Kyaw Zan: Five Questions

The title image is of Win Kyaw Zan when he and I were rolling along the Ayeyawady River, Myanmar at sunset. I was lucky to have him as my guide when I visited his beautiful country. Win Kyaw Zan has been a professional photographer and tour guide for twenty years. He… read more

Bagan – Adventures in Myanmar

A quick flight from Yangon took us to Bagan. It is the city of 4444 temples and pagodas, mostly from the 13th century. The title image is of Narathihapatae Phaya. It is also called Tayok-pyi < ta ‘Mongolian’ + yok ‘strong energy’ + pyi ‘run away’ + phaya ‘temple.’ It is… read more

Yangon – Adventures in Myanmar

After Singapore I flew to Yangon (once called Rangoon). Driving away from the airport, I saw a billboard for Myanmar (once called Burma). It welcomed me to the ‘Country of Gold.’ I saw the same billboard a week later when I was leaving the country . It was only then… read more

Julie Tetel Andresen has written about language and love for more than 20 years. A professor of linguistics at Duke University, Julie has also written more than twenty romance novels and novellas. read more