Julie Tetel Andresen is a romance writer devoted to love, language and adventure out of the ordinary. She writes in all subgenres of romance, learns new languages with gusto and explores all corners of the earth.

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BDSM clubs, Motorcycle Clubs, Mixed-Martial Arts championships, the lush beauty and gentle culture of Vietnam – this series has it all. Follow three romantic pairs as…

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Cécile Dumetrier: A Beautiful Star Now Gone

During the pandemic I am reposting previous blogs if they have more relevance now than when I first posted them. This current blog is originally from June 24, 2016. I am, sadly, reposting it today. Beloved friend and exercise master Cécile Dumetrier passed away yesterday – September 11, 2020 –… read more

Nosferatu – Or You-Know-Who

Welcome back, Rose Vane! Her blog today on Nosferatu is her third on Romanian mythology. We hope this series sparks the imaginations of creative writers of all types. So, let’s get to it! I don’t want to wait until Halloween for this juicy topic. Rose Vane writes: Nosferatu: But First,… read more

Haile Selassie – A Travel Blog

This blog on Haile Selassie was first posted on June 29, 2018. During the pandemic I am reposting blogs that have more relevance now than when they were first posted. If you read to the end, you will see that the blog now serves as a tribute to Chadwick Boseman…. read more

Love, language, adventure … out of the ordinary. Julie has written over 30 romance novels, bringing love stories to life in all time periods. She is Professor of Linguistics at Duke University. And she has traveled the world from Brazil to Burma and lived for extended periods in France, Germany, and Vietnam. She spends summers in Romania. (Photo taken at Lake Almaty, Kazakhstan)
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