Julie Tetel Andresen is a romance writer devoted to love, language and adventure out of the ordinary. She writes in all subgenres of romance, learns new languages with gusto and explores all corners of the earth.

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Wendy Osceola wants a place to lick her wounds far from her werepanther family tainted by her brother’s recent arrest. So, she’s fled Miami and set up…

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Dead Body Count – My Tally So Far

“The only thing more fun than creating a character is killing one off.” I’ve said this more than once. But since I identify as a romance writer – rather than, say, a crime novelist – I’m more devoted to keeping characters alive and together. However, this week it occurred to… read more

Bodice Ripper: Thoughts on the Term (Re-repost)

I’m re-reposting a 2017 repost of my Goodreads blog from 2014: On the term Bodice Ripper. It is my response to Ross Douthat’s op-ed in the New York Times today. He uses the term to describe a wildly popular Netflix series based on a series of novels understood by their… read more

My Were World – Whys and Wherefores

I’m currently doing the research for the third book in my shapeshifter trilogy, Wealth Whispers. This involves reading up on bears in order to envision my hero who is a werebear. It also involves thinking more broadly about my were world. I am enjoying the challenge of imagining characters fully… read more

Love, language, adventure … out of the ordinary. Julie has written over 30 romance novels, bringing love stories to life in all time periods. She is Professor of Linguistics at Duke University. And she has traveled the world from Brazil to Burma and lived for extended periods in France, Germany, and Vietnam. She spends summers in Romania. (Photo taken at Lake Almaty, Kazakhstan)
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