Julie Tetel Andresen is a romance writer devoted to love, language and adventure out of the ordinary. She writes in all subgenres of romance, learns new languages with gusto and explores all corners of the earth.

Latest Book

Explore the emotional pitfalls and physical pleasures when respectable women find themselves in the role of a naked Venus.

John Carter’s Conundrum

John Carter is a Bow Street runner (detective) in…

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Acasă din nou în Bucureşti – Adventures

Acasă din nou în Bucureşti – Back Home in Bucharest. Note: acasă = ‘at home’ I’m in the fourth month of my around-the-world Adventures with a longish stay in Romania until the end of August. I’ve owned a condo in Bucharest since 2006. My current one is near Piaţa Dorobanţi…. read more

Doha in a Day – Adventures in Qatar

Title image: Doha, Qatar skyline seen from the balcony of my hotel room across the bay. Why Doha? From Myanmar I aimed for Romania for the rest of the summer. I figured I could fit in one more stop on my around-the-world ticket. Qatar Airways offered an easy flight from… read more

Myanmar, Me and The World – Adventures

Title image: My guide, Win, took this picture of me in front of the Tayok-phi Temple in Bagan, Myanmar. When he showed it to me, I was put in mind of a similar picture of me – always with my umbrella. Here I am in 2016 in front of Guri… read more

Love, language, adventure … out of the ordinary. Julie has written over 30 romances, bringing love stories to life in all time periods. She is Professor of Linguistics at Duke University. And she has traveled the world from Brazil to Burma and lived for extended periods in France, Germany, and Vietnam. She spends summers in Romania. (Photo taken at Lake Almaty, Kazakhstan)
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