Julie Tetel Andresen is a romance writer devoted to love, language and adventure out of the ordinary. She writes in all subgenres of romance, learns new languages with gusto and explores all corners of the earth.

Latest Book

Can the Big Apple deliver on not one, not two, but three more love stories in its already storied history?

DeMarco’s Café

After her first year in law school Dayna DeMarco…

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Doralzuela – Exploring Miami

Thirteen miles west of downtown Miami is Doral. In recent years, as the political and economic conditions have deteriorated in Venezuela, so many of that country’s citizens have migrated here that Miamians now refer to the community as Doralzuela. In case your memory of the greater Caribbean map has dimmed,… read more

Wynwood and Little Haiti – Exploring Miami

Ten years ago Wynwood was like a lot of other old-time light industrial neighborhoods in the US. A wasteland of abandoned warehouses with empty streets and urban blight. A place you wouldn’t go to in the daytime, much less at night. What a difference a decade makes. Wynwood Today Today… read more

Blurb Writing II: Before and After

Blurb writing is difficult. But once you know the five steps, you have a chance at crafting something effective. See Writing Blurbs I: Five (Not So Easy) Steps. I’m using my just-released The Hard Bargain as a before-and-after example. Blurb Writing: Before Here’s what I wrote before attending Kristin Wallace‘s… read more

Love, language, adventure … out of the ordinary. Julie has written over 30 romances, bringing love stories to life in all time periods. She is Professor of Linguistics at Duke University. And she has traveled the world from Brazil to Burma and lived for extended periods in France, Germany, and Vietnam. She spends summers in Romania. (Photo taken at Lake Almaty, Kazakhstan)
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