Julie Tetel Andresen is a romance writer devoted to love, language and adventure out of the ordinary. She writes in all subgenres of romance, learns new languages with gusto and explores all corners of the earth.

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Heather Carver travels to California on the trail of her sister, Trish, who’s gone missing. Once in Oakland, where Trish was last seen, Heather is alarmed to learn…

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English in Romanian Media – Observations

English in Romanian Media is hardly a new topic. The question isn’t whether English is… read more

The Black Sea – Three Points of View

The Black Sea has been on my mind for the past few days. Odd, perhaps…. read more

Prince of Transylvania – and Now a King

If you guessed that the Prince of Transylvania is now Charles III of England, you’re… read more

Love, language, adventure … out of the ordinary. Julie has written over 30 romance novels, bringing love stories to life in all time periods. She is Professor of Linguistics at Duke University. And she has traveled the world from Brazil to Burma and lived for extended periods in France, Germany, and Vietnam. She spends summers in Romania. (Photo taken at Lake Almaty, Kazakhstan)
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