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Explore the emotional pitfalls and physical pleasures when respectable women find themselves in the role of a naked Venus.

John Carter’s Conundrum

John Carter is a Bow Street runner (detective) in…

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(Un)translatables: Japanese Top Ten

(Un)translatables – my term – are words in one language that may take a paragraph to explain in another language … and still not quite get it right. (Title Image: Hokkaido University, kanji: ‘Japanese language’) All languages have them. Japanese has some really good ones. (Un)translatables in Japanese: The Bad… read more

Nara, Japan – Tōdai-Ji Temple

Nara, Japan: Going There, Getting There Question: What to do on a Sunday afternoon? Answer: Hop a train and go to Nara. It’s the capital of Japan’s Nara Prefecture in south-central Honshu. It was the capital of Japan in the 8th century. The reason to go there is for the… read more

Futon Daiko: Japanese Portable Shrines

Futon daiko is the word in Japanese for the kind of portable shrine pictured in the title image. Last week there was a futon daiko festival in Akashi, a town a good hour or more west of Osaka. My son, Gerard, is somewhere in the title image, but I can’t tell… read more

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