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Explore the emotional pitfalls and physical pleasures when respectable women find themselves in the role of a naked Venus.

John Carter’s Conundrum

John Carter is a Bow Street runner (detective) in…

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Compelling Openings: A How To

A beginning writer recently asked me how to create compelling openings, thus prompting this blog. I have chosen to explain what I did to write Chapter One of John Carter’s Conundrum. I chose it because my editor noted at the end of the first chapter: “You’re writing to all your… read more

Writing Burnout: Five Tips To Deal With It

Writing burnout. It happens. Burnout is beyond block. Writer’s block occurs when a blank wall descends in your brain, and you can’t think of anything to say or write. If there is such a condition, it is a mild one. I’ve gone so far to say that it does not… read more

Traveling Internationally for the First Time: Five Tips

On April 8 I’ll start traveling internationally again. First stop outside the U.S.: Osaka, Japan. I’ll be out of the country for five months. Title image: Arrivals, Kansai International Airport, Osaka. Here’s what I’ve learned in my many jaunts around the world. Traveling Internationally Tip #1: The Big Obvious Your… read more

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