Captured (Forest Breeze #2)

Eagle is the VP of Rolling Thunder, an Australian Motorcycle Club based in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. At Eagle’s suggestion, the club has recently acquired the Forest Breeze, a BDSM club in Saigon. While going about his business in the Delta, he spies a luscious young woman at a local market who is definitely out of place, and he engineers an encounter with her. He’s later able to discover that she’s Rachel Hamilton.   

What he doesn’t anticipate is that Rachel will soon arrive at Rolling Thunder’s compound in a disastrous case of mistaken capture. Nor does he anticipate that she seems to be in a kind of trouble even she doesn’t know she’s inWhich means she’s better off with Rolling Thunder for the moment than she is on her own in town. 

Suddenly aware of dangers to his brothers and, perhaps, even to a heart he didn’t know he had, Eagle has to keep his club rolling smooth and his feelings for Rachel in check. Althe while keeping everyone safe while he figures out who the bad guys are  

And, for her part, nice girl Rachel isn’t going to seriously fall for a sexy biker boy, is she? 

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