Forest Breeze Trilogy

BDSM clubs, Motorcycle Clubs, Mixed-Martial Arts championships, the lush beauty and gentle culture of Vietnam – this series has it all. Follow three romantic pairs as they set out to catch an international ring of child traffickers. 

Re-edited and updated in 2019. 

Tied Up

Sarah Hamilton, a specialist in orphans, is brought to Vietnam on a government assignment to track down a child-trafficking ring thought to be operating out of local orphanages.  

Nate Wilkins, who does covert clean-up ops around the globe, has also come to Vietnam on the assignment. He last saw Sarah ten years earlier, and although he’s always had feelings for her, he has never acted on them.  

When they are paired together for what seems to be an evening of fun and games, they stumble into the Forest Breeze, Saigon’s most exclusive BDSM club. There Nate rediscovers his inner Dom, and Sarah discovers that her sexual preferences aren’t as vanilla as she thought.  

When the two begin to track down the child traffickers in earnestthey follow a trail leading them right back to the Forest Breeze. There Nate has to confront what he has long resisted, namely, that in a BDSM relationship, the subs have all the power. And Sarah is eager to exercise hers. In order to catch the traffickers, Nate now needs to remember all the ways to tie a good little subbie up.  


Eagle is the VP of Rolling Thunder, an Australian Motorcycle Club based in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. At Eagle’s suggestion, the club has recently acquired the Forest Breeze, a BDSM club in Saigon. While going about his business in the Delta, he spies a luscious young woman at a local market who is definitely out of place, and he engineers an encounter with her. He’s later able to discover that she’s Rachel Hamilton.  

What he doesn’t anticipate is that Rachel will soon arrive at Rolling Thunder’s compound in a disastrous case of mistaken capture. Nor does he anticipate that she seems to be in a kind of trouble even she doesn’t know she’s inWhich means she’s better off with Rolling Thunder for the moment than she is on her own in town. 

Suddenly aware of dangers to his brothers and, perhaps, even to a heart he didn’t know he had, Eagle has to keep his club rolling smooth and his feelings for Rachel in check. Althe while keeping everyone safe while he figures out who the bad guys are 

And, for her part, nice girl Rachel isn’t going to seriously fall for a sexy biker boy, is she? 

Knocked Out

Brisa is in Vietnam on a covert assignment to bring down the very top of an international child-trafficking ring, many of whose weaker links have been arrested or killed in the last six months. Her job is to enter an upcoming mixed-martial arts championship in Saigon so she can scope out the local low life. In her training gym, she meets Wings, a big, handsome man who takes an inconvenient attraction to her.  

Wings has risen to the position of VP in Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club and now splits his time between the Delta and Saigon where he oversees some of the operations at the Forest Breeze BDSM club. He has never thought he would ever have feelings for only one woman, but the moment he sees Brisa’s fierce fighting beauty he knows he’s found The One. 

While Brisa moves in on the traffickers, Wings moves in on her. But all Brisa wants is for him to get out of her way. Yet Wings has a knack of turning up exactly when she needs him. Often enough, in fact, that Brisa begins to wonder whether she might consider … no, she has never wanted a man in her life, and she doesn’t want one now. 

Wings is thankful to be on hand when she needs him most: fighting for her life. He’ll do anything to save her – even if it means letting her go. 

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