Indie Reader Discovery Award

Indie Reader Discover Award: Paranormal

June 22, 2022
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
Money for Nothing This month Money for Nothing received an Indie Reader Discover Award for… read more
Yaroslav the Wise

Yaroslav the Wise – Why He Matters

April 1, 2022
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
Yaroslav the Wise (c.978-20 – 1054) was Grand Prince of Kyiv from 1019 until his… read more

Lviv, Ukraine: Historical Notes on an Historic Day

March 1, 2022
Adventure | Julie Tetel Andresen
In 2012 Phillip Carter and I visited Ukraine. We started in Kyiv then took the… read more
Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach – Exploring Miami

February 25, 2022
Adventure | Julie Tetel Andresen
As of yesterday all Russian assets in the United States are frozen. I imagine many… read more
Holly Hillilard

Holly Hilliard: Five Questions with the Author/Editor

February 22, 2022
Advice from other Authors | Julie Tetel Andresen
I am delighted to introduce my readers to author and editor Holly Hilliard. We’ve known… read more

Hibernation: Research for Wealth Whispers

February 18, 2022
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
Hibernation. If you know anything about bears, you probably know they hibernate. You might also… read more