English in Romanian

English in Romanian Media – Observations

May 24, 2023
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
English in Romanian Media is hardly a new topic. The question isn’t whether English is… read more
The Black Sea

The Black Sea – Three Points of View

May 12, 2023
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
The Black Sea has been on my mind for the past few days. Odd, perhaps…. read more
Prince of Transylvania

Prince of Transylvania – and Now a King

May 9, 2023
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
If you guessed that the Prince of Transylvania is now Charles III of England, you’re… read more
Back in Bucharest

Back in Bucharest – And Happy About It!

May 6, 2023
Adventure | Julie Tetel Andresen
After a three year absence (Drat you, Pandemic!) I’m back in Bucharest. I didn’t know… read more

Sorry: A Word With Global Uptake

February 14, 2023
Adventure | Julie Tetel Andresen
Most of my adventures these days happen in my arm chair. Watching foreign-language dramas on… read more
Indie Reader Discovery Award

Indie Reader Discover Award: Paranormal

June 22, 2022
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
Money for Nothing This month Money for Nothing received an Indie Reader Discover Award for… read more