Advice for beginning authors

Va, petit livre – Go, little book

August 8, 2017
Writing | Julie Tetel Andresen
Go, little book. This exhortation from an author to his newly published book has been… read more

5 Amazing Airports – a travel blog

August 4, 2017
Adventure | Julie Tetel Andresen
Believe it or not, I hate to fly. Really hate it. But I do it…. read more

Weird stuff in Japan – a travel blog

July 7, 2017
Adventure | Julie Tetel Andresen
TItle Photo: The Ritz Hotel – Koshien/Nishinomiya. This blog could easily be titled Weird Stuff… read more

Five Questions with Robyn Peterman

July 4, 2017
Five Questions Series | Julie Tetel Andresen
I’m having so much fun connecting with all the smart authors and bloggers I’ve met… read more

Addiction Recovery – Go to Central Care Mission

June 30, 2017
Thoughts | Julie Tetel Andresen
Addiction recovery: tough subject. Central Care Mission: great place. Here’s my story. When my younger… read more

Folk Dress and Folk Etymology

June 27, 2017
Adventure | Julie Tetel Andresen
Title Image: Traditional Romanian dress. The focus of this blog is the linguistic phenomenon known… read more