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Detective Chief Inspector Moses Reilly of Scotland Yard is the consummate bachelor, married to his job- and with good reason. On a covert mission to infiltrate an international crime ring, he poses undercover on dates to find criminals running online dating scams that separate unwitting love struck participants from their life savings. His powerful deduction skills and level head can usually keep him several steps ahead of the women he meets, but his latest date is making his head more

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Love After All

NYU professor Laurel Jennings has spent her career climbing the ladder in the academic world. Dedication has yielded a deanship and a home in New York City’s Greenwich Village, but her smile hides her long-suppressed pain of rejection.

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DeMarco’s Café

After her first year in law school, Dayna DeMarco returns to her family’s café in SoHo, suspecting financial problems. New to the neighborhood is Bo Grisham, a charming musician who makes a play for her. Dayna is pretty sure he spells trouble, and Bo is pretty sure he’ll soon be moving on. Neither can predict how events concerning the café’s future will change their more

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Tied Up (Forest Breeze #1)

Ten years earlier, Nate Wilkins and Sarah Hamilton missed their chance. Now part of an international task force to uncover the truth about a brazen ring of child traffickers, Nate and Sarah find themselves in Saigon’s most exclusive BDSM club. Forced into a dangerous charade, Nate, a one-time Dom, uncovers Sarah’s hidden more

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Captured (Forest Breeze #2)

Eagle, VP of Rolling Thunder MC, had the business smarts to buy the Forest Breeze BDSM club in Saigon, and now his club is enjoying a prosperity Eagle intends to increase as his club takes over more and more territory in the Mekong Delta. Fate throws him a curve when a young American woman is mistakenly kidnapped and bought to the Rolling Thunder compound. Not only does she become his unwelcome responsibility, he also has reason to think she is a danger to his more

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Knocked Out (Forest Breeze #3)

Brisa, an MMA specialist, travels the world with her secretive organization, fighting to stamp out human trafficking. Though she is no stranger to violence, this latest trip to Saigon represents the final act of a human trafficking drama that has spanned years. Maintaining focus is key, and not even a flirtatious biker can break more

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The Blue Hour (Time Slip #1)

Cancer researcher Alexandra Kaminski is on the verge of a scientific breakthrough when she crosses paths with pharmaceutical representative, Val Dorsainville, and the two are drawn into the mystery, passion, and tragedy of their past lives in 1880s Paris. Can they solve the mystery and avert tragedy this time around?read more

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The Crimson Hour (Time Slip #2)

Eloise Popescu has one last entry to make in her screw-up-alog, and it’s a doozy: she has just walked into the cross-fire of warring Chinese mafia families and into the path of Haines Reynolds whose career has just been ruined by those same families. As Eloise and Hanes reluctantly join forces to escape the clans, they must learn to trust one another … or repeat the fatal mistakes they made the last time they were together in 19th-century Hong Kong. read more

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The Emerald Hour (Time Slip #3)

Londoner Theodor West can’t quite believe how, much less explain why, the beautiful and free-spirited American botanist, Jordan Charles, is bedeviling him and his high-tech career. But one thing is clear: if he wants his career back and if she wants to avert the destruction of the world’s rubber forests, they must repair what happened the last time they were together—one hundred years ago in London and Rio. read more

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The Wedding Night

Was his new bride mad? That was the question on the mind of Roland Devereux, the new Earl of Rochester, as he turned the handle on the door to her ladyships’ bedchamber.

The only question on his new countess’s mind was whether she could save them both from the evil lurking in her more

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A Most Curious Courtship

Chapter One

Three-Hour’s Ride Southwest of London

Country roads were deuced confusing at times, and this was one of them. Jonathan Avery, arriving at a dead end, wheeled Morocco back toward the hamlet he had lately passed. As he trotted along toward the huddle of dwellings hidden around the next two bends in the road, he might have felt the first edges of frustration. His destination was plainly in sight on a gentle rise beyond an expanse of open fields, and yet he seemed unable to get to it. However, if he was feeling any irritation, it was more

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Lord Blackwell’s Rude Awakening

Regency Short Story Romance“He had surprised her with a proposal, married her two days later, imposed a strange set of rules for marriage that, just as strangely, were very effective in cementing her to him physically.”

The new Lord and Lady Blackwell have some surprises in store for each other in this regency-era short romance story from Julie Tetel more

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The Alpha’s Edge

Egon Hanover is the Alpha of his pack and the head of an elite global security firm, headquartered in London under the guise of a luxury hotel. Much to his surprise, it’s love at first sniff when Egon detects the presence of Misti Shaw, a new bartender at his hotel. At first glance, Misti hardly fits the description of an Alpha’s mate: headstrong, reserved, and – most of all – human. However, soon his inner wolf takes over and he loses control of his desire for her.

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Dawn's Early Light American historical romance novel

Dawn’s Early Light

With the British army occupying her house in Maryland, Jane Shaw becomes the first link in the relay chain of information that will help the American army turn the tide in a war they are losing. Will James Stewart, a Redcoat camped out on her farm, be able to thwart her activities and her loyalties?read more

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Unexpected Company

When Barbara Johnson opens her door to the soul-scarred drifter, Morgan Harris, asking for work, she has no way of predicting that he will be the one man who can protect her from the people who will soon be conspiring to take her beloved baby daughter away from her. read more

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Carolina Sonnet

Big-hearted Cathy Davidson may be taken for granted by her fellow inhabitants of Hillsborough, but Lawrence Harris, who arrives in town the day after the ornery Old Hitch’s death, is instantly attracted to her. read more

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Heart’s Wilderness

Suddenly alone in the wilderness, Sarah Ross Harris meets Wesley Powell who has just escaped Indian captors, and together they plunge into adventure. However, finding a way to survive may prove easier than finding a way to stay more

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Lord Laxton’s Will

On the morning Lord Laxton’s will is read, the existence of his illegitimate daughter–one born in France, no less–is revealed, and his heirs are naturally curious about their unknown half-sister. However, it is the Marquis de Laleham who has reason to question the identity of Sophie Saint-Vire who arrives that very afternoon on the Laxton’s more

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French Lessons

A Spicy Regency Novella So you think you know everything about French conjugations?

Danielle Wemberly, unmarried and on the shelf, is a bookworm. She makes a practice of choosing a subject in her lending library and reading through it. Her life changes the day she discovers a book, hidden behind the dusty old tomes devoted to herbs, whose content no gently-bred young lady should see, and it opens her eyes. It also inspires her to find a man with whom she can put her newfound knowledge into practice and puts her on the path to discovering the truth about Richard Grey, the mysterious Earl of more

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My Lord Roland medieval romance novel

My Lord Roland

Lady Marguerite Montcrief finds herself forced by circumstance into a marriage with the dangerous Sir Roland of Guimont – courtier, rake, and some whisper, his brother’s murderer. As she falls hopelessly in love with her husband, she must learn the identity of Roland’s brother’s killer so that she might be spared the same fate at the same more

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Catherine of York

Dispossessed Frenchwoman Catherine de Lunais has fled to York and is putting her good business skills to use in amassing a fortune so that she can buy back her young half-sister’s rightful place in the world. In her effort, she is thwarted by Eric Shipwright, known as the Viking, who discovers her secret trade. Who will win this battle of the sexes?read more

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Simon’s Lady

What happens when Gwyneth of Northumbria meets Simon of Beresford, and it is love at first sight but neither one knows it? The answer is unpleasant surprises, miscommunication, insults all around, and a healthy dose of physical more

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And Heaven Too

On a whim, straight-laced Judith Beaufort goes out for a ride and is abducted in a case of mistaken identity by a band of thespians headed by the rogue Charles more

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The Temporary Bride

While traveling to her first post as a governess, Helen Denville is drawn into an adventure with the infamous gamester Mr. Darcy. While helping him recover an item that is of great value, she loses her heart to him. Once he recovers that item, will he offer his heart to her?read more

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Tangled Dreams

After Marianna Lowth takes a chance on a marriage of convenience with Richard Maddox, she discovers her flair for investing in stocks. Little does she realize that her investments arouse the interest of her indifferent husband, and he decides to court her … for reasons best known to more

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Swept Away

When the mismatched Miss Sedgwick and Mr. Winthrop find themselves cast adrift together on a beautiful Caribbean island, the adventure begins, and the sparks fly. How can our heroine not fall in love with a hero who is willing to walk across burning coals for her?read more

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Suspicious Hearts

Richard Worth wishes to reclaim his place in Society, and he does so by offering for the hand of the well-born but penniless Caroline Hutton. The eve of their marriage is shadowed by a brutal murder in which both of them are surprisingly implicated. Edition 2, formerly titled “Sweet Suspicions”.read more

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MacLaurin’s Lady

The much-sheltered Elizabeth Cameron takes part in the summer meeting of her Scottish historical society where she encounters the attractive, though disgraced Ian MacLaurin. Together they tumble onto clan secrets that have been ruling – and ruining – both of their more

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The Handfast

The lovely Anne Chisholm is tricked into a handfast – the Scottish custom of marriage for a year and a day – with Alexander Sutherland only to discover that her new husband is wanted for treason by the English authorities, in particular, by her more

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Drawn to Love

Harrison West returns to London to find a new woman at the receptionist’s desk in his architectural firm. As he gets to know Gwendolyn Summers, London’s most eligible bachelor is forced to examine the secrets of his more

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American language history

Linguistics in America 1769 – 1924: A Critical History

This book examines the developments, themes, and social frameworks that determined the development of American linguistics since the founding of the American Philosophical Society in 1769 to the founding of the Linguistic Society of America in more

linguistics and evolution a developmental approach

Linguistics and Evolution: A Developmental Approach

Evolutionary linguistics – an approach to language study that takes into account our origins and development as a species – has rapidly developed in recent years. Informed by the latest findings in evolutionary theory, this book sets language within the context of human biology and development, taking ideas from fields such as psychology, neurology, biology, anthropology, genetics and cognitive more

history of languages introduction

Languages In The World: How History, Culture, and Politics Shape Language

This innovative introduction outlines the structure and distribution of the world’s languages, charting their evolution over the past 200,000 more