DeMarco’s Café

After her first year in law school Dayna DeMarco returns to her family’s café in SoHo to face twin worries: her father in the hospital after a heart attack and the café’s financial problems.

Bo Grisham, a charming musician new to the neighborhood, is in a band currently playing nightly in DeMarco’s Café. He likes what he sees in Dayna and makes a play for her.

Although Dayna’s no push-over, she’s up for a bit of distraction with Bo. But, ultimately, she knows a bad bet when she sees one. Especially when she discovers that he’s aware of the source of the café’s financial problems and may even have played a part in them.

When Dayna’s father’s health takes a turn for the worse, Bo sees Dayna’s grace and strength under pressure. He’s long been an ‘easy come, easy go’ kind of guy, but now he recognizes Dayna as a keeper.

So, he takes a gamble – literally and figuratively – to set things straight with her. Will it pay off?


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