Tied Up (Forest Breeze #1)

Sarah Hamilton, a specialist in orphans, is brought to Vietnam on a government assignment to track down a child-trafficking ring thought to be operating out of local orphanages.  

Nate Wilkins, who does covert clean-up ops around the globe, has also come to Vietnam on the assignment. He last saw Sarah ten years earlier, and although he’s always had feelings for her, he has never acted on them.  

When they are paired together for what seems to be an evening of fun and games, they stumble into the Forest Breeze, Saigon’s most exclusive BDSM club. There Nate rediscovers his inner Dom, and Sarah discovers that her sexual preferences aren’t as vanilla as she thought.  

When the two begin to track down the child traffickers in earnestthey follow a trail leading them right back to the Forest Breeze. There Nate has to confront what he has long resisted, namely, that in a BDSM relationship, the subs have all the power. And Sarah is eager to exercise hers. In order to catch the traffickers, Nate now needs to remember all the ways to tie a good little subbie up.  

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