The Hard Bargain

The curtain goes up on an unforgettable contemporary when Arthur Wexler is forced to protect his birthright after his aunt triggers “the marriage clause.”

An old-fashioned clause in the Wexler corporate documents requires Arthur to either get married within the year or forfeit his inheritance. Upon being ambushed by his aunt and the company lawyers with the news the clause will be invoked, he acts as if he has everything in control. He calmly assures his aunt he’ll bring his fiancée to the next family dinner.

Now he has to scramble. With the help of his best friend – a theater producer – Arthur hires Carla Pereira, a talented but currently unemployed actress, to play his fiancée-for-a-day. Carla performs perfectly, but real life doesn’t come with a script, and Arthur and Carla have to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

When one simple dinner turns into an invitation for Carla to join the family on a week-long Caribbean cruise, the question becomes: How long can Arthur keep up the charade before the lines start to blur between acting and real feelings?

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