The Alpha’s Edge

Egon Hanover, Alpha of his werewolf pack, is the head of the London-based global security firm G4S. It’s love at first sniff when Egon meets Misti Shaw, a new bartender at his hotel – and a human, no less. Unthinkable, outrageous and she’s a red-head. But she’s his mate, no doubt about it. 

Misti wants a good life for herself and her brother, Ian, and her job at the Hanover Hotel is perfect. When she first meets her boss, shes struck by the force of his animal magnetism. Toughened by years of homelessness, determined to do what’s right for Ian’s sake, she summons the strength to resist what she deems an inappropriate attraction to her boss. 

When two murders in the hotel’s neighborhood show signs of a grisly wolf attack, Egon has to put aside his need to mate with Misti in order to quash the threat of all London discovering werewolves in their midst. When he beginto suspect that Ian may be the key to solving the murders, he has to use all his wolf’s strength and speed to save his mate and her brother – before it’s too late 

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