Hibernation: Research for Wealth Whispers

February 18, 2022
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
Hibernation. If you know anything about bears, you probably know they hibernate. You might also… read more

Saint Valentine’s Day – Love After All: Free Download

February 11, 2022
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
Monday is Saint Valentine’s Day. Cue the flowers and the chocolates. And the free romance… read more
werebear research

Werebears and Bear Research: Wealth Whispers

February 8, 2022
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
Part of the fun of writing shapeshifter stories is to inhabit the world of the… read more
online love scams

Online Love Scams & My Shapeshifter Series

February 4, 2022
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
Six years ago I first read about online love scams in a New York Times… read more
The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa: Wealth Whispers

February 1, 2022
Adventure | Julie Tetel Andresen
The title image is The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. Do you recognize it? Likely yes,… read more

Rough Draft: Wealth Whispers – Case in Point

January 28, 2022
Blog | Julie Tetel Andresen
“Oh, so that’s a rough draft. I’ve always wondered.” This was the remark a student… read more