Join me at Duke University on March 8 for a special celebration of languages in the world

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Duke University is hosting a Language Symposium highlighting the approach to language mapped out in my book Languages in the World: How History, Culture and Politics Shapes Language, co-authored with Phillip M. Carter (Associate Professor, Florida International University).

In writing Languages in the World, Philip and I drew on research in anthropology and anthropological linguistics, evolutionary theory, historical linguistics, genetics, language variation and change, and sociolinguistics, among others.

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About the Languages Matters Symposium

The symposium highlights multiple panelists who bring their diverse research backgrounds to exploring the real-world connections between speakers of a language and their identities, social and economic lives, and the survival of their culture.

Talks include:

🌎 Engaging student multilingualism with Languages In the World: Reflections on three years of language loops, autoethnographies and invitations to act

🌎 Endangered Languages

🌎 DitAccompli: Non-Native Speakers in US Police Encounters, with special reference to Miranda


WHEN: March 8, 2019, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

WHERE: Rubenstein Library 153 – Holsti-Anderson Family Assembly Room

Watch symposium livestream