Toya Richardson: Five Ways to Get Writing

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Toya Richardson is my guest blogger today.

Writing for me has been a continual learning curve, one that will continue I’m sure. These are some of the processes I go through, which may be of use to you.

Toya Richardson: Get Writing #1

Coming up with and writing the story is the easiest part of the whole process. The lucky thing for me is to have three beta readers, people who’ll read through the first draft and give their honest opinion, and their input is priceless.

If you’re self-publishing, I’d advise you to find a great editor.

I’m fortunate to have a publisher who does all that for me.

Toya Richardson: Get Writing #2

Social media was something I swore never to get involved with. Now I have FB pages – normal one, author page and a closed reader’s group – Twitter, Instagram and a website.

Social media platforms are crucial to an author and a great way of connecting with fellow authors and readers. It always amazes me how supportive the indie community is and their help, and friendship, to me is priceless.

Toya Richardson: Get Writing #3

I’m always asked if I write plots down. The answer is yes, I used to. To be honest though, I never used them because as soon as I began to write, the characters took me in a completely different direction.

Frequently I still jot down notes even if I don’t use them. It helps to get the creative juices flowing.

Toya Richardson: Get Writing #4

Story ideas, names of characters and locations come to me all the time. Sometimes I carry a notebook with me to jot them down. There have been times when I haven’t had it with me and if that happens to you, text yourself on your phone so you can use the ideas later.

For my release due out on 1st June, Destination Love, the idea came to me in a flash. I was on a family holiday in New Zealand and we’d taken a ferry to a beautiful island called Waiheke. As soon as I got off the ferry the idea came to me. Thank goodness I had my notepad with me! I actually wrote the original story in less than six weeks. It took a little longer to get the perfect story.

Toya Richardson Get Writing #5

This last piece of advice is the most important I’ve ever received. I attended a writer’s course years ago and an author there said something which has never left me. I quote:

Write because you love to write. If you’re doing it for the money you may as well give up now.”

This is very sound advice. Writing is our passion and we should never forget that as authors.

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About Toya Richardson

I am by no means an expert but I’m always happy to share what experience I have with others. If you ever need any advice, I’m always happy to try and help. You can PM me via FB.

Toya has work published in Contemporary and Paranormal Romances and YA Fantasy.

A very important moment for her was giving a reader closure after surviving domestic abuse. After finishing Flame, Toya’s Romance/Thriller about a domestic abuse survivor, the reader sent Toya a thank you message, and Toya has never forgotten it.

“If it means I have helped one person, then I’m blessed.”

Her latest book is Destination Love, a contemporary romance set on Waiheke Island in New Zealand and Book One of her Beachside Romances, due out 1st June.

Writing has been her passion since a very early age. Sadly, it wasn’t until the death of her mum, who was also her best friend, in 2009 that she started to take it seriously. Her mother’s wish was to see her published, which didn’t occur until 2014. And now, each book she publishes is dedicated to her.

When not writing or reading her main hobbies are: cinema, theatre, live bands, gardening, keeping fit, Formula One racing, darts and spending time with friends. She lives in Suffolk with her husband, grown up son and Masai the cat.

Toya loves stalkers, so please pop by and say hello to her. She loves to chat.

Toya’s Treasures is a new reader’s group, she’d love to see you there.

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