Creating Chemistry: Love Relationships

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Last week the website Write It Sideways published a blog I submitted. Check out: Creating Chemistry: Bringing Love Relationship to Life.

If you’re a romance writer, you want the relationship between your two main characters to sizzle. You’re in the business of creating chemistry. More precisely, you’re an alchemist.

creating chemistry

In other words, there is no sure-fire formula that will create great chemistry. If you do succeed in producing relationship gold, you’ve produced alchemical magic.

But, still, I had to say something on the subject. To whet your appetite for my approach, I will list my five tips.

One. Name It

Two. Know Your Story

Three. Tune Into the Dialogue

Four: Find the Humor

Five: Let Go

But I won’t describe them. Instead I’ll tell you a bit about Write It Sideways in order to inspire you to pay a visit. So you can read my tips there.

The site started in 2009. In 2018 and 2019 Writer’s Digest put it on its list of 101 Best Websites for Writers. It features a collection of well-curated articles on writing.

As they say, their mission is to help “you see the world of writing from a fresh perspective. Our experienced team can help you learn new skills, define your goals, increase your productivity and publish your work. Plus, we’ll try really hard not to be boring when we do it.”

Yes, to trying really hard not to be boring. And I am delighted this site has included my article in their collection!

Suzannah Windsor is the founding/managing editor. She is a short story writer as well as an experienced writing teacher. And she is currently working on a novel.

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For more writing tips, visit my page on how to write a book.

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