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I love connecting with and learning from other writers and bloggers online. This is the fourth post in my new series of interviews with some of the wonderful romance writers, who join us to share about their creativity, their work, their habits, and their passion for the genre. Today’s guest is Morgan K. Wyatt, an author of historical and contemporary romance novels.

  1. romance novels morgan wyattWhat drew you to start reading and writing in the romance genre?

Morgan K. Wyatt: My first toe-dip into romance was Gone with the Wind in 8th grade. I read it in one weekend and was hooked. I gobbled up any romance I could get my hands on. Although, I leaned toward historical romances for a while I wrote non-fiction for newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. My first romance I wrote was a western flavored one called Escaping West about four years ago.

I jumped into cougar romances, sweet romances, and even romantic suspense. This week I’m headed for the RONE awards and InD’Scribe Conference in Palm Springs, CA. Love or Deception is a finalist in the Romantic Suspense Category. I’m very excited about this.

  1. What is your writing routine, and how has it evolved over time?

Morgan K Wyatt: I do my best writing in the morning, which means I have to write immediately as opposed to getting errands done, then writing when it is convenient. I also figured out that I am VERY distractible. That means no television, radio, or even telephone when I’m writing. No Facebook in the background tempting me either. It helps if there is no one in the house too. This is my ideal situation.

Often I write before my husband wakes up. When I work at school, I try to get in a 1000 words before I leave. I can do editing and social media in the evening.

  1. Tell us about the inspiration for your most recent book projects.

Morgan K. Wyatt: Currently, I have four series going on. The Suspicious Circumstances is a romantic suspense series. Love or Deception is my first book. The second DatingAfterFortyEight_MEDbook, Pushed ( working title) should be out in January. The first book is available on Kindle. The paperback version should be up by October.

My second series is a sweet romance one. It started with The Soul Mate Search and the second book, The Love Talisman should be out in December.

My third series is a cozy mystery series entitled The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries co-written with my husband under the name of M.K. Scott. The first book, The Unexpected Guest will be out in November.

The fourth series is a spicy romance nine book series that deals with male revue dancers. The Men of Machismo first’s book, The Bad Decision Legacy is complete, but I’m looking for a publisher.

  1. Is there is one character from all the books you’ve written that you identify with the most? 

Morgan K. Wyatt: I really like Donna in my cozy mystery series. She’s an outspoken nurse who wants to run a B & B. Her biggest issue is learning how to make small talk and not expressing her real opinions. She has a great deal of difficulty on how learning to play well with others.

  1. You’ve written and published seventeen novels. What are the most important lessons you have learned about writing and creativity that aspiring writers should know? 

Morgan K. Wyatt: It can all change overnight. At my first RWA conference, I gushed over a published author, who informed me that once you are published the issues change. As an aspiring writer, you wait and wait for that one big break. Instead of waiting and polishing one story, keep writing. You’ll need the material later. Enter contests, which may open doors for you and you’ll be able to call yourself an award-winning author.

Ask for advice. Other writers will usually tell you how to get the best promotion deals, good conferences, and what publishers are bleeding money. Offer to beta read in exchange for someone beta reading for you. Take suggestions with grace. They may not always make sense to you, but they do bear consideration.

Be a hybrid author. Recently, my publisher folded and pulled all my SCP novels. Because I had four YA books published by Sleeping Dragon Press, an anthology by Meryton Press, and two more self-pubs up, I didn’t disappear from view. I would warn people not to put their eggs in one basket.

Of course, remember opportunity comes from change. I have all my rights back from SCP, which allows me to rewrite my original books and change up the covers.

What I have learned from this experience is the value of networking, adaptability and willingness to learn.

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Thank you to Morgan Wyatt for joining me in this new interview series! Be sure to explore her website and connect with her on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. Morgan’s books, including The Inheritance, Love or Deception, and her non-fiction book Dating After Forty-Eight, are available on Amazon

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