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Money for Nothing

This month Money for Nothing received an Indie Reader Discover Award for 2022. And it won in the category Paranormal. Fun!

What did the judges say?

“Julie Tetel Andresen’s second installment of the Shapeshifter Series, Money for Nothing, is a truly tantalizing murder mystery and fantasy novel complemented with a bit of romance. The work is as charming as it is entertaining, as it has all the elements of great storytelling – interesting characters, a fast-paced plot, and a satisfying resolution.”

I’ll take it!

The teaser for the story is:

One dead boa constrictor. Two star-crossed werepanthers on the hunt for a missing person. Three gangs of international mobsters in on the chase. Welcome to Florida!

Money for Nothing is Book II in my Shapeshifter Series. But you can read it as a stand-alone story. And all the books in the series are stand alone.

My Shapeshifter Series

Indie Reader Discover Award

The third book in the series, Wealth Whispers, will be available on all platforms at the end of next month (July 2022). I’d like to think it has some of the qualities the Indie Reader Discover Award judges liked in Money for Nothing. But, at all times, such judgements lie in the hands of readers. I’ll leave it up to you.

In this series I created a world where all kinds of were-creatures exist. What’s more, they’re in contact with one another.

The Alpha’s Edge (the prequel) and Buy Me Love (Book I) feature werewolves. Both stories take place in London.

Money for Nothing (Book II) involves werepanthers. This story unfolds in Florida, specifically Orlando and Miami. And it just won the Indie Reader Discover award.

Wealth Whispers (Book III) has werebears. Their homeland is Japan. But over the centuries they have spread to other places, including Northern California.

The plot tying the stories together revolves around online love scams. As it happens, I began the series when I heard the real-life story of a university professor who got caught in a love scam in Colombia. And was arrested for drug trafficking. This story captured my imagination. And I immediately saw a thread that could tie the shapeshifter series I had in mind. But this past year, as I was finishing Wealth Whispers, I began to worry that I had an outmoded plot.

Not to worry!

Guess what happened over the past couple of years?

The Washington Post reported in October 2021:

“Romance scams cost consumers a record $304 million as more people search for love online during the pandemic”

Thank You

And a final thank you to the Indie Reader Discover Award judges!

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