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Alo Taw Pawk ‘Wish Fulfilling’ Pagoda on Inle Lake, central Myanmar is the title image. Everywhere you look are amazing Inle Lake vistas.

Inle Lake Vistas: Pagodas

Like everywhere else in Myanmar, this scenic lake is dotted with pagodas. Cruising into the village of Win Yadanar, we passed these:

Inle Lake Vistas

Another view:

Inle Lake Vistas

Some cause for concern. The lake level is down about four or five feet from normal, as my guide Win told me. Normally the water would be up to the level of the land and you wouldn’t see the banks.

Side note: In this village you can visit a shop where you can meet women from Padaung, Kayah State. These are the long-neck people.

As you see, this woman has gold bands on her neck and her legs. It’s not that the bands elongate the neck. Rather, they push the shoulders down.

Here’s the schedule girls follow to get the long-neck look.

Inle Lake Vistas: Monasteries

Nga Phe Chaung ‘Fish Creek’ Monastery dates from 1750.

A rectangle of buddha images line the center of the main room. Here is a sliver of them:

Here is a sight you see in religious centers over Myanmar: pots of fresh water and cups for the visitors.

Up next is the Phaung Daw Oo pagoda with accompanying monastery.

Nice monastery quarters.

The site is famous for its five Buddha images. Here’s one:

Note: the low brown sign in the lower middle of the image says: LADIES ARE NOT ALLOWED ENTERING. A fairly common sign, all in all.

Inle Lake Vistas: The Vistas

In the village of Win Yadanar, here’s the view from the Golden Moon restaurant:

I stayed at a Novotel. Here’s the vista looking west from the bar area one evening:

Inle Lake Vistas

Here’s the vista looking east the next morning.

Beautiful, everywhere you look.

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