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Monday is Saint Valentine’s Day. Cue the flowers and the chocolates. And the free romance novel I’m offering for the day!

But first: How did this day devoted to love arise?

Saint Valentine’s Day: The Origins

Roman Emperor Claudius II had a man named Valentinus executed on February 14, 269 AD.

The reasons vary.

One. The emperor had banned marriage for men in the army. But the future saint apparently married couples against the emperor’s wishes.

Two. The future saint may have also tried to convert Claudius to Christianity. And Claudius was not happy about it. For either reason – or maybe both – Claudius had Valentinus beheaded.

Three. Valentine’s Day may have originated as an attempt to Christianize the ancient pagan festival Lupercalia. Romans celebrated this festival on February 15. It aimed to avert evil spirits, purify the city and release health and fertility.

Perhaps parts of all these stories have converged to produce Saint Valentine’s Day.

However the day came about, I want to honor it. I can’t send you flowers or chocolates. But I can offer you one of my romances. Love After All will be a free download on Monday, February 14. All day!

Saint Valentine’s Day: My Gift to You

Here’s the story idea:

Laurel is an NYU professor at the top of her profession. Gino is a highly successful restaurateur. Laurel needs a plus-one to her college reunion. Gino needs a woman to run interference with all the socialites after him. They decide to team up to trade dating favors. Problem is, they’re both way out of dating practice. Can two head-smart people find their hearts?


Saint Valentine's Day

Love After All is part of my Love and the City trilogy. Another story in the trilogy, DeMarco’s Cafe, is the subject of a Literary Dates post. Lauren Elena has a great blog where she takes a tour of New York City through the story line of DeMarco’s Cafe.

For more on the holiday see Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love After All

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