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On Saturday I went to the University of Miami to attend a one-day linguistics conference. The event took place in the Flipse Building. It stands on one edge of the campus, removed from the center. Which meant I had no idea what the campus looked like. So, during the extended lunch hour I went on a walking tour.

The campus was a real eye-opener. Completely lush and beautiful. I should have guessed in advanced. But I didn’t imagine it. The title image is of Cobb Fountain in the middle of Lake Osceola. The very center of campus. The buildings in the background are dorms. In the foreground is the Student Center.

Note: Donna Shalala, whom the center is named after, was the Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Clinton 1993-2001. 

University of Miami: Approaching The Campus

Which image to choose for the title image? There were so many possibilities. I could have gone with the entrance lined with royal palms. It is certainly dramatic:

University of Miami

What’s crazy is these magnificent rows aren’t the only ones on campus. Here’s what’s on one side of what I would call the main quad:

University of MiamiThe rows are everywhere:

By the way, the main quad isn’t exactly what I would call a quad. It’s rather an expanse of emerald green:

Surrounding it are various buildings. The Business School for one:

For another, Foreign Languages and Anthropology in the Merrick Building, nestled among foliage:

Study swings are available:

A vista toward another quad. Of course with a fountain at the end:

Love the banyan tree:

I learned that lots of banyan trees were lost during Hurricane Wilma in October 2005

All next to the Student Stores:

University of Miami: Campus Center

This circuit brought me to the central plaza. The Cobb Fountain is to the left. The Donna Shalala Student Center is on the right:

What I didn’t expect smack dab in the middle of campus was this, to the immediate left of the plaza:

Sure. An Olympic-sized pool with the diving boards that you can see from all around Lake Osceola. Here’s an example, below, with the Shalala Student Center on the left and the diving boards in the middle.

Well. We’re in Miami. Why wouldn’t there be a big old pool in the middle of everything? And cool buildings abound:

What is it? The Music Administration Center

Everywhere you look is luscious. I glance to my side and see this:

Then I turn around and there’s this:

We’re in paradise. Because it’s easy to forget what else is here, plenty of signs remind you:

Oh, right. Crocodiles. Snakes. Yup, that’s the combination of Florida + Water.

University of Miami: P.S. The Linguistics Conference

Good attendance, presentations and food. Not gonna lie. I liked both the breakfast and the lunch. Here’s breakfast:

Lynn Perry, University of Miami, was the moderator:

At the mid-afternoon break there were poster sessions in the hallways:

I enjoyed the one offered by Estrella Rodriguez, Florida State University, Tallahassee:

The final talk was the intriguingly titled “Behavioral dynamics in married couples’ conflict resolution conversations:”

Did we learn how couples resolved their conflicts? Uh, no. But that did not prevent me from having a very good day!

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