Kimberly Theobald’s Boutique in Carmel, California

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Kimberly Theobald owns Ami, a wonderful boutique in Carmel, California. Note: Addresses in Carmel do not have street numbers. The most accurate address for Ami is Delores between 5th and 6th.

In addition to writing about the local sights and history when I travel, I love bringing attention to great local businesses. Last summer I wrote about my favorite restaurant and my favorite exercise studio in Bucharest, Romania. This week in Carmel, California I discovered Kimberly Theobald’s home goods boutique, Ami.

Kimberly Theobald

Kim at her desk in the boutique

Kimberly Theobald

A close-up of the jewelry display on the right

Kim chose the name Ami not only because it is French for ‘friend’ but also because it suggests “Ah, me” and thus expresses her desire for people to slow down and take time for themselves. “Be with you,” she says. “Don’t run around.”

With a motto of “Stillness, Beauty, Celebration” Kim has chosen the home goods in her boutique to promote feelings of wellbeing: wraps, scarves, throws, candles, journals, and bags.

Kimberly Theobald

It’s easy to imagine wrapping yourself in one of these scarves

It was so easy for me to image wrapping myself in something that I bought this blouse:

Kimberly Theobald

The fabric is 96% modal and 4% spandex. Modal is a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber, often made from beech trees (had to look it up). It’s perfect for travel because you can wad it up and it doesn’t wrinkle. Furthermore, it’s light, and it breathes.

All her displays are inviting and layered:

Kimberly Theobald

Wraps, scarves, tops, shoes, books, paintings

Everywhere you look there are textured and interesting compositions:

Kimberly Theobald

As you walk in the front door dishtowels catch your eye:

Kimberly Theobald

Next to the dishtowels is a charming mix of books, ceramics, and handbags:

Kimberly Theobald

The motto on the bag on the bottom right is: Speak English, Dress Italian, Drive German, Kiss French, Smile Southern.

On the other side of the boutique is a display of whimsical pouches:

Kimberly Theobald

I like “Be the person your dog thinks you are …”

Do you know someone who needs to update his briefs collection?

Kimberly Theobald

Kim has created a space that is inviting, cozy, airy and visually delightful.

Kimberly Theobald grew up in Bishop, California and has lived in LA and Big Sur as well as Newport, Rhode Island, and Italy. She has now settled down for the long term in Carmel. She has been and still is a yoga teacher. Three years ago she decided to branch out and opened Ami. It’s a great pleasure to see the success she is making of it.

What Kim loves most about her job is meeting people from all over the world who come to visit Carmel. She also loves the relationships she has created with her vendors over the years.

When you’re in Carmel, be sure and drop in at Ami. You will enjoy meeting Kimberly Theobald and spending some time in a space devoted to stillness, beauty, and celebration.

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