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Balchik, Bulgaria is a resort town on the Black Sea. The name has various spellings, which include: Balcic and Balchick. The reason for the variations derive from the fact that Bulgarian is a Slavic language written in the Cyrillic alphabet: So the name comes out as балчик. Thus, how to transliterate the letters is up to the individual.

The title image: Balchik at dusk seen from the wide pedestrian promenade winding along water’s edge.

Balchik: Regina Maria

We have been here many times. We stay at the Regina Maria Hotel.


Regina Maria was Queen Marie of Romania from 1914-1927. She was British royalty and married the man who would eventually become King Ferdinand I of Romania. She thoroughly embraced Romanian culture and remains a revered historical figure.

The hotel sits next to the Regina Maria Castle the queen built when this part of Bulgaria was once part of Romania.


Another view of the hotel and castle:


The Regina Maria has a lovely terrace overlooking the water.

Balchik has an almost, but not quite, Mediterranean feel. The best I can describe the atmosphere is: Black Sea

And a bar/pool area where many body types, mostly Eastern European, are on display.

Note: I’m a Puritan prude, so I’m always covered up. Which means I’m in no position to judge. I can only admire the way everyone is so comfortable showing lots of skin.

Balchik: The Town

What does a tourist town need beyond a lovely seaside setting? It needs a thriving night life for the families, older adults and teens on the prowl.

One seaside restaurant after the other:


Beach equipment:

Roasted corn

Oh, yes, and bars, lots and lots of bars

The town delivers.

Balchik: The Promenade

A 15-kilometer pedestrian/bike path connects Balchik with the neighboring resort area of Albena. Here are the sights you see along the way. A bit of the natural:

A bit of the unnatural:

We ate, we drank …

… and before we knew it, our seaside idyll was over,.

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