Skylar’s Baby Shower

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No surprise, Skylar is a girl! The decorations at the baby shower tell the story,

In 2002 I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters, a mentoring program. I was paired with Vanessa, who was 12 years old at the time. Now 14 years later, we’re still together. She’s part of my family, and I’m part of hers. On Saturday October 22 I went to the baby shower for her first child, Skylar Olivia.

baby shower

Vanessa and me – it so happens that Vanessa and I share the same birthday. This year Vanessa gave me the shoes I’m wearing and I gave her the salon appointment for her braids.

The event was fun and festive. Charlissa, Vanessa’s cousin, organized it, and included some fun games.

This first was Candy Bar Match-Up, where you match the name of a candy bar to baby related clues.

baby shower

My effort – not good enough for a win; I didn’t finish and had errors, for example #24 Time Alone should be O. Zero and #10 Baby’s Nap should be E. Take 5.

The next game involved putting a piece of paper on your forehead and then attempting to draw the figure of a baby. The results are amusingly weird, as you can see in some of the attempts.

baby shower

Guess what? I won that one!


I got a mini bottle of rosé. Everything was pink. Vanessa’s cousin, Kitta, is in the photo, and her sweater is pink.

After that there was good food.


Meatballs, ham sandwiches, fried chicken regular and spicy, potato salad, mac & cheese, veggies, fruit, pink lemonade

And opening presents. There were tons. Vanessa has a big family and lots of friends.


I’m a sucker for cute baby clothes.

There were a few more games then cake, plus a lot of pink sweets:

baby shower

In the end the music got louder and at one point a spontaneous dance broke out.

baby shower

Charlissa and Kitta busting some moves to Ju Ju on Dat Beat

Here’s a link to the whole dance:

It’s apparently a national phenomenon. It’s cute, it’s catchy, and Charlissa and Kitta knew all the moves.

Vanessa wasn’t due for a couple more weeks, but babies have a way of doing what they want. Skylar came into the world on Monday morning October 24 at 4:00 am.


Skylar hardly an hour old in Vanessa’s arms – 6 lbs 13 oz, 20”

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