Tied Up (Forest Breeze #1)

Ten years earlier, Nate Wilkins and Sarah Hamilton missed their chance. Now part of an international task force to uncover the truth about a brazen ring of child traffickers, Nate and Sarah find themselves in Saigon’s most exclusive BDSM club. Forced into a dangerous charade, Nate, a one-time Dom, uncovers Sarah’s hidden submissive.

Shocked to the core, Sarah is unable to hide her unspoken yearnings as she’s drawn deeper into a world she never knew. When a child is kidnapped, the stage is set for an all-too-public encore, as Nate and Sarah return to the BDSM club in an exhibition that will show them both that power runs both ways.

CAPTURED, Book 2 in the exciting FOREST BREEZE series, is now available.

WARNING: This story contains scenes of white-hot sex, a loving Dom with a yearning for rope work, a natural submissive, and realistic family and community relationships.