Love In The City – A New York City Trilogy

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My Love in the City trilogy is now available on your preferred e-book platforms. The trilogy contains two previously published books: DeMarco’s Cafe and Love After All.

The third one, The Hard Bargain, is new.

Love in the City: The Hard Bargain

Carla Pereira is an actress who needs a job. Arthur Wexler is a billionaire whose Aunt Jeanine has just invoked a ‘marriage clause’ in his family company’s documents, and now he needs a fiancée. So he hires Carla for a one-and-done Sunday afternoon dinner at Aunt Jeanine’s. What could go wrong?

This is what: Aunt Jeanine – who has previously taken no interest in Arthur’s casual flirts – takes a great interest in this fiancée who just might be faux and invites Carla on the upcoming family cruise in the Caribbean. Carla has no interest in going, thus putting Arthur is a tight spot. When Arthur attempts to persuade Carla to come with him, this tough girl from Hoboken, New Jersey proves she can  hold her own with an experienced business man. She drives a hard bargain. In the end, Arthur will have to figure out what he wants and drive his own hard bargain.

Follow Carla and Arthur from the glittering world of New York City to the balmy shores of the Caribbean and back.

Love in the City: What a City!

New York is the site of endless books, TV shows, movies, many of which are rom coms and romances. How could I resist adding my vision to the mix? A few years ago I was lucky enough to teach in the Duke in New York Arts and Media program and lived for a semester on East 9th Street in the Village. The Love in the City trilogy grew out of my experiences there.

I’m a walker, and I can say I walked all over the city. I also think of my settings as kinds of characters, and my goal is to bring New York City alive in these stories.

Love in the City


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