New Year’s Resolutions 2019: A Writer’s List

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New Year’s Resolutions, ugh. Lose weight. Join a  gym. Straighten out finances. These are worthy resolutions to be sure. But they’re not for me, because they feel punitive.

I’d rather give myself goals that feel more like gifts.

Trite but true, this time of year is perfect for recalibrating our lives. In my case I’ve just moved into a new home, and I’m poised for a fresh start.

New Year’s Resolutions: Community

Be open to new friendships.

Follow through on my idea to teach in a prison.

(Explanation: I’ve already taken the first step, namely I’ve contacted the people in the Duke Divinity School who are involved in prison teaching. Now I have paperwork to fill out.)

Join my new condo board.

Get involved in Durham recycling programs.

(Explanation: I’m a walker. So, over the years, I’ve already picked up hundreds of recyclables as I go about my day. The point is: I’m already unofficially involved in roadside clean-up, so I need to make it official.)

Score a City of Durham green neon vest and a Nifty Nabber.

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions: Writing

Continue to contact fellow writers about participating in my Five Question Series.

Continue to post two blogs a week.

Help promote the publication of The Hard Bargain (February 1), a contemporary romance set in New York City and the Caribbean.

Write Book II in the Buy Me Love shapeshifter trilogy. I know it will be set in Orlando, Florida, involve werepanthers and be some kind of caper, but that’s all I know.

Keep a research focus on endangered languages, and write a book proposal on the topic.

New Year’s Resolutions: Mental and Physical Health

Plan my 2019 around-the-world trip.

(In what category does this resolution fall? My writing will certainly benefit from traveling to new places on the globe. I also consider it a facet of my mental health to challenge myself with new experiences. They are likely to be unexpected, instructive or enjoyable – and hopefully all three.)

And, finally, anyone who does yoga knows its benefits. IMHO it is the key to a youthful mind and body. I already practice three times a week.

My 2019 yoga resolutions are:

Achieve Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose –  Splits).

new year's resolutions

Achieve Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel):

New Year's Resolutions

These poses look like a lot of fun.

I hope my New Year’s Resolutions have inspired you to think of some for yourself.

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