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Thanksgiving 2015

November 26, 2015 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

My fantasy: In the run-up to Halloween, I see Halloween decorations with an orange and black color scheme. After Halloween I see Thanksgiving decorations with turkeys and autumn leaves with an orange and brown color scheme. Only after Thanksgiving do I see the red and green of Christmas and all... read more

linguistic Odyssey

Linguistic Odyssey: The Hero’s Journey

November 5, 2015 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

My Linguistic Odyssey begins with understanding The Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s Journey: A 12-Step Program American mythologist Joseph Campbell established the hero’s journey in his book Hero With a Thousand Faces (1949). He took inspiration from Austrian psychologist Otto Rank’s The Myth of the Birth of the Hero (1909). Campbell... read more

Thanatos and Eros: Death and Love

October 26, 2015 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Last month I went to a presentation by Regina José Galindo, a Guatemalan performance artist. She specializes in body art. She works on Thanatos. The event was sponsored by the Duke University Department of Art & History and Duke Latino/a Studies. The room was packed, with easily 70 people in attendance.... read more


Tibetan: Melting Snow and Protests

August 27, 2015 9:17 am Published by Leave your thoughts

As the Tibetan lama, Arjia Rinpoché, puts it, Tibet’s “language, its religion, its culture, and its native people are disappearing faster than its glacial ice.” The Tibetan language is melting. Note: The term Rinpoché is an honorific given to revered teachers and incarnated lamas; it means ‘precious one.’ In 2010... read more