~ Bio & Essays ~

Julie Tetel Andresen has always loved history, travel and foreign languages. She has lived for extended periods in Germany, France, Romania and Vietnam.


~ Historical Romance ~

One wonderful way to travel is back in time. What a pleasure it is to curl up and sink into a distant period where the dress, food and customs are different but where the personalities, motivations and desires are recognizable. The central delight, of course, comes from experiencing a romance—be it fiery or friendly but always fraught – as the hero and heroine bring love to life within the social and political dynamics of their time and place.


~ Time-Slip ~

timeslip (n.)—a rift in the fabric of time that allows a person to experience significant events from a previous time period, especially from a previous lifetime; may be triggered when important people or objects from that previous time period come in contact with one another.


~ Non-Fiction ~

My non-fiction is continuous with my fiction in three respects. First, as a professional linguist, I love language as much as I love the language of love. Second, I have long been devoted to exploring the history of my discipline, and this disciplinary exploration parallels my devotion to writing historical novels.


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A Dom in Vietnam  Motorcycles in the Mekong


~ 21st Century ~

Follow my contemporary novellas, inspired by the series of international cities . . .